@[email protected] some part like onion messenger and onion google extension or onion mozilla plugin are open source

selfie ec and honestly probably too much cleavage 

@[email protected] 👍🍾🍾🎊

📦 Just released: ❄️ Glow 1.3.0, Holiday Anniversary Edition

This release contains lots of UX improvements, most notably, your stuff is now organized into tabs.

To update check your fave package manager or download a binary from the releases page.


The upcoming #rC3 is coming closer and closer and my wish to all 'participants' and all people from within the Chaos movement is to remember the motto of #34c3: "Tuwat" - namely not using the large networks of surveillance capitalism, but to #DECENTRALIZE! and use & promote alternatives such as #Mastodon instead of Twitter, #XMPP #Matrix for messaging, #Pixelfed instead of Instagram/Flickr, #Peertube instead of YT and so on.
- fediverse.party/
- buddy.works/actions/alternativ

Updating fails becuase of the different signing keys, but users are promted to uninstall the currently installed version in order to receive the new version.

We did not analyse the copy yet, but we cannot ensure that this and any updated versions contain no malicous code.


To receive updates, please use @fdroidorg and add our custom repository newpipe.net/FAQ/tutorials/inst

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Do NOT install #NewPipe through the Samsumg Galaxy Store!

A copy of #newpipe is currently distributed through the Samsung Galaxy Store by a third party. The package id of that version is identical to the officiail one (org.schabi.newpipe), but the signing keys differ.
Surprisingly, users running an outdated version recieve a notification to update their installed version with the one uploaded in the Galaxy Store.

Wisst ihr noch, wie alle fanden, dass 2018 kein gutes Jahr sei (Hauptsbeschwerde: zu viel Sonnenschein) und sich auf 2019 freuten? Jetzt schwälgt man in Erinnerungen, wie schön das war. Ende 2019 fanden dann auch alle, dass 2020 nur besser werden könne. Bemerkt ihr ein Muster?

RT @leah: Und die zweite Runde meiner #35C3 Bilder ist jetzt auch fertig :fairydust:

Wie immer CC-BY. Und in voller Auflösung hier: flickr.com/photos/leahoswald/a

@r_armas Thank you so much and Merry Christmas you too 🎅 🎄 🎁

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